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Why is it women’s health problems often take a back-seat?

Many of what are traditionally called women’s problems arise at a time in our lives when there is SO much else going on.

All too often we are overwhelmed with responsibilities for others. Recognise that you cannot give from an empty cup. Give yourself some of that time you prioritise others with, to enhance your ability to fulfill all of your roles. This is your time to find out how to make your future move well.

Being a woman can mean we’re blindsided by symptoms such as pelvic issues, bladder or bowel problems, peri-menopause (the lead up to menopause) and menopause. These can begin in our 30’s, or sometimes younger, and can appear out of nowhere or may creep up gradually.

Every woman’s story is different. The symptoms could result from a difficult childbirth or might be down to genetics. Perhaps you’re enduring a lot of stress and demands in your personal life or career?

Eleanor Fitzgerald talking to client about women's health
Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Your body and your needs are not the same as anybody else.

You need to be recognised, supported and nurtured in your own unique way. 

My wish is for all women to have access to the essential tools and most up to date information that will enable a full and vibrant life experience. Sometimes a few simple ideas are enough. Sometimes we need time to absorb concepts, and sometimes we need more personalised, individual approaches. Whichever you are, I am here to support you in moving well.

Move Well Programmes and Packages.

At Move Well I offer creative, personalised care, through every phase-of-life challenges for women. My one to one sessions are perfect for women with more complex issues or who want a more personable approach. These sessions can be in person or online and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. 

Alternatively, I offer online, educational packages tailored to particular life challenges. This is perfect for women who feel they have limited time but who want some tools and advice specifically targeting pelvic floor health or menopause. Dip your toe in the water with a 14-day Jumpstart or dive deeper with a 3-month Nurture programme.

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