What's really going on down there?

When it comes to something as deeply personal as pelvic floor health an individualised service really is the best way to address the issues.

Together, in personalised one to one sessions, we can find what works best for you.

But you may want some good information first. There is lots to know, and something as simple as how you use the toilet, or how you’re breathing, can be a game-changer. You can learn at your own pace here, I have two options available, packed with great tips and solid information:

14-day Jumpstart

Step into a fresh, positive experience and discover that better pelvic function is here for you.

Introductory video.

E-book: reliable, evidence informed exercise and lifestyle information, so you can gain confidence in what is appropriate and safe.

Three webinars: watch at your own pace, follow along, and watch again as needed. All packed with easy tips.

PDF worksheet of exercises included.

Emails included with BONUS material.

Private Facebook group:
for extra information and support.


All for only €37

COMING SOON... 3-month Nurture

Delve deeper with weekly videos, packed full of nurturing experiences.
Learn how team work between the muscles of breath, core and pelvis can be your superpower.

Find out how surprising daily habits can help or hinder.

Build awareness that allows YOU to make the decisions that manage your symptoms and allow you to live life fully again.

PDF worksheets

Access to private Facebook group

Tailored email support

Ongoing, practical, valuable information and handy tips.


All for only €97

“Thank you so much for literally changing my life. I don’t know myself, I’m like a different person. I hadn’t realised my life was being controlled so much by my toilet visit, now I have the power to control that I never had before. Keep up your amazing work. Thanks for dry knickers!”

Did you know I also have packages specifically targeting menopause?

Want a more personal approach to more complex issues?
Enquire today about my one to one sessions. These can be booked as single sessions or as a 3-session bundle.

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