For a smoother change of life.

In the process of menopause, every woman will have unique symptoms, depending on lifestyle and genetics.

As a result you’ll gain a huge amount of insight with a personalised one to one service.

But you may want some good information first, at your own pace. Discover here, how paying attention to what is going on in your body can reap enormous rewards.

At this point in life, you may have so many demands on time and energy: positive, high quality information is essential. Understanding more about what influences your symptoms, and keeping an eye on your future health, will achieve the vitality you desire so much to feel again. Learn how to go with the changes to emerge into the next powerful stage of life feeling fantastic.

14-day Jumpstart

If you are feeling like you want your old self back, or shocked at symptoms you did not expect? It’s time to discover there’s a better way FORWARD into your power years. Learn how to support your body at this challenging time.

Introductory video: packed with easy tips.

E-book: reliable, evidence informed exercise and lifestyle information, so you can gain confidence as you step into your power years.

3 webinars: watch at your own pace, follow along, and watch again as needed.

PDF worksheets of exercises included.

Emails included with BONUS material.

Private Facebook group: for extra information and support.

All for only €37

COMING SOON... 3-month Nurture

Peri-menopause can pull the rug from under us at a time in life when we have so much going on.

It’s been compared to puberty in reverse.

You can nurture yourself to navigate this crazy time into a journey of powerful transformation, where you gain control of your symptoms, and protect your future quality of life.

Weekly videos: encouraging effective lifestyle changes, evidence-based exercises, and hopefully, some eureka moments on what moving well can mean for a changing body.

PDF worksheets.

Access to private Facebook group.

Tailored email support: ongoing, practical, valuable information and handy tips.


All for only €97

Did you know I also have packages specifically targeting pelvic floor health?

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