Every woman has her own precious and private story.

Here’s a little of mine…

My name is Eleanor Fitzgerald and movement is everything to me. I had my three, beautiful babies in my early 20’s and, in all honesty, took the amazing gifts of womanhood for granted. In my younger years, I was always on the move. Whether that was ballet, yoga, martial arts or climbing mountains, I loved the challenge. Now in my 50’s, I have no need to excel physically. What I enjoy is my body being fit for purpose. That sense of purpose, what I need from my body, changes with the days and seasons, and it feels good.

I have over 30 years of education and practice in how the human body moves, and how beautifully diverse that can be. Through the decades, my career has taken me from massage therapist, to pilates instructor, physical therapist and beyond. I’ve sought, and trained with, some of the best international experts in pain, movement and biomechanics. I’ve developed a deep appreciation of the potential of the human body. I’m also aware of the many awful barriers ordinary people experience about movement and exercise.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying the bio-pyscho-social approach to pain and movement. In short, it’s not just about what your body can do but how you feel about that: and how that fits with your life.

I’d often felt a women’s unique experiences and specific challenges were sidelined.

Experiencing pelvic organ prolapse in my 40’s, followed by the complex and surprising symptoms of peri-menopause, confirmed this for me.

I realised that much of the medical profession, and most fitness professionals, simply do not have enough knowledge to support us through these transitions. Many are also woefully ignorant of the effect on our quality of life. It breaks my heart when I hear a woman talk about how she doesn’t socialise much, or has given up exercise, because of urine leaking, or pelvic pressure and pain.

Menopause is also often viewed as a struggle and decline to be endured.

Very little information and attention is given to the specific, effective, and well-researched advantages of exercise and lifestyle strategies at this important time. I have deeply personal experience of the muscle aches, brain fog, itching skin, and much more, that can accompany perimenopause. Exercise might be the last thing on your mind, but getting the right support and information is essential, so that you are nurturing sustainable strategies for your future health.

There is a distinct lack of exercise and lifestyle solutions that work with our changing bodies and personal issues. The online fitness world is crammed with gorgeous beach bodies, boot camps and ‘methods’. Many of you who want to enjoy movement more may look at them and think “that’s not for me”. It’s time to stop chasing the next fad or fashionable method.

I’ve made it my mission to continue to seek-out industry trailblazers and delve into the best evidence-informed practices in order to bring positive experiences to women of all ages.

Women’s bodies behave differently, we need and deserve this to be prioritised. Our pelvic muscles, childbirth, menopause: ALL need to be considered on our personal journey, all can be integrated better in the female life experience. My purpose is to get us Moving Well and to feel strong, healthy and positive about our future. The great news here is your body can be healthy, strong and dependable again. I will walk with you to find your unique tools and steady grounding in how to use them best. 

I invite you to join me on this journey.


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